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Viva Koutour Cosmetics Announces $5.00 Sale

$5.00 deals coming February 1st
Viva Koutour Cosmetics

We're excited to announce that Viva Koutour Cosmetics will be having a $5.00 sale on all products starting February 1st! This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite beauty products or try something new.

The sale will run for one week only, so don't miss out! Shop our website or visit our stores to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Some of our best-selling products include:

  • Viva Koutour Liquid Lipstick: This long-lasting, smudge-proof lipstick is available in a variety of shades to suit every skin tone.

  • Viva Koutour Liquid Blush:  VKC Liquid Blush is a must-have for anyone looking for a natural-looking flush that lasts all day long. With its highly pigmented formula, this liquid blush provides a pop of color to your cheeks without any cakey build-up.

  • Viva Koutour Eyeliner: Our eyeliners are available in liquid, pencil, and gel formulas to help you create a variety of looks.

  • Viva Koutour Loose Powder:VKC Loose Powder is a weightless and silky powder that provides an airbrushed finish to your makeup. Its finely milled formula allows for seamless blending with your skin, leaving you with a natural and radiant complexion. 

Shop our $5.00 sale February 1st and save big on your favorite beauty products!

All products will be available to shop. Excluded items are merch and hair items.


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